Portal Village Retirement Home has worked hard to become one of the few retirement homes in Ontario with a fully functioning in-house physiotherapy program, available Monday-Friday on a schedule set to your needs. Available for respite stays and long term stays alike. The physiotherapy service is multi-faceted and can be used for a range of needs from intensive rehabilitation to improvements in balance and gait. Nearly all of us could benefit from some form of exercise. Let us help you keep healthy, active, and independent.

Examples of what we can offer:


  1. Comprehensive initial and quarterly physiotherapy assessments with treatment plans carried out by Registered and well qualified Kinesiologists
  2. Rehabilitation for pre- and post- operative hip and knee replacements
  3. Stroke rehabilitation from hand therapy to prevention of contractures
  4. Gait analysis and training with and without gait aids
  5. Balance assessments and training for falls prevention
  6. Specialized training for person’s effected by Parkinson’s Disease and other degenerative disorders affecting activities of daily living
  7. Transfer training for effective, safe transfers in/out of bed, chairs, walkers, etc.
  8. Strength training for specific muscle groups or general strengthening

** The list is limitless. Each person has an individual treatment plan designed by combining their own personal goals with the treatment suggestions of our physiotherapist. When putting these together, the results of our physiotherapy services can help you become a stronger, healthier, and happier person **

Our Philosophy

Every resident at Portal Village Retirement Home deserves to have access to affordable, quality physiotherapy services without having to worry about transportation to an off-site location to have this provided. Whether the issue is a sore back, balance deficits, troubles with walking, or even an old injury that has slowly become a bigger issue, we all deserve the right to accessible care. Combining the knowledge of a private clinic in St. Catharines, NHRC (Niagara Health and Rehab Centre), the staff at Portal Village Retirement Home, and members of our former physiotherapy provider, today’s current program is up and running with great success. We are here to help you in any way we can.



Janet Fraser – Daughter of Residents:

“My Dad was always an active and fit man who enjoyed golf and gardening and walking. When he first came to live at Lookout Ridge at the age of 84, in 2008, he could walk without a walker and take the stairs. I always encouraged him to keep walking and participate in exercise, reminding him that ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’. At the beginning he was willing and able to keep moving on his own.

As the years passed my father’s dementia progressed and he started to have difficulty with balance and eventually required a walker. What was more concerning to me was that he no longer had the motivation to move or even walk without a great deal of encouragement. Several hospitalizations also set him back. After being in hospital for several weeks at a time he would return to Lookout Ridge in a weakened state. Standing and walking became very difficult.

I was grateful that a physiotherapy programme was available at Lookout Ridge. I was able to request that a physiotherapist work with my father, one on one, several times a week to keep him walking, and to work on maintaining his upper and lower body strength and balance. Although his dementia has progressed (after almost 6 years at Lookout Ridge), the patience, skill, perseverance and compassion of the Physiotherapy team has been of utmost importance in maintaining his muscle tone and his ability to move as he approaches 90 years of age.

My mother, who also lives at Lookout Ridge, required Physiotherapy , as well , after injuring her back and subsequently suffering from sciatica. She was in great pain and walked with a bent and awkward gait after her injury. With a regular exercise programme and ‘one on one’ therapy from the Physiotherapist, she returned to her former level of activity and continues at this time, at 88, to be very mobile and active. She also enjoys the daily group exercise programme.

Although there are many challenges working with the frail and elderly, the Physiotherapy programme is a vital part of the care at Lookout Ridge and helps the residents maintain mobility, and wellness. We are so grateful for the care and compassion of the Physiotherapy team.”

Christine Timms:

“My 89 year old mother came to Lookout Ridge confined to a wheel chair after having emergency hip surgery and with severe arthritis in the knee of the same leg. She was unable to move from her wheelchair to a chair without assistance. Within 4 months of regular supervised exercise therapy at Lookout Ridge my mother was walking comfortably with a walker without any supervision. She loves the independence this mobility gives her. She is even able to climb stairs. Both my mother and I attribute her success to the Lookout Ridge therapist’s knowledge and patience.”

About Portal Village

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